Monday, September 15, 2014

Spiderman is Real!

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been a great week! It's strange how time on a mission works; a day feels like a week and a week feels like a day. It is a good thing we have planners other wise I wouldn't be able to keep anything straight. Last week I committed all of you to read from The Book of Mormon everyday and to pray about it, how has it been going? I was reading 4 Nephi this morning and something I learned was we always need to be aware of our choices and the direction we are allowing ourselves to go. The adversary is always working against us and the only way to protect ourselves is if we are aware of their efforts. Take notice this week of how the adversary is getting to you; if you are aware of your weaknesses they can't be used as weapons against you. I know this to be true and I know when we are aware of our weaknesses, we are able to turn them into strengths.

This week we had dinner with an amazing member, Sister Brooks. She is a scientist teaching at Minnesota State and I am grateful to have had the chance to meet her. She is currently experimenting with spider silk. Spider silk is extremely interesting and it is made up of protein and there are various kinds of protein depending on the spider. Well Sister Brooks is researching how to produce enough of each type of protein to build limbs or bones for people. When she said this I was like Wait! so you telling me that the science behind Spiderman is actually real? You heard it here first folks Spiderman could potentially become real. We talked with Sister Brooks about the debate as old as time between Science and Religion and I loved her response. She said "I can't look under a microscope without seeing the hand of God in every part of it. To me, science proves there is a God." I love this. To me religion explains the why questions; why are we here? and science explains the how questions; How did God create the world? When you look at science and religion with a perspective that they go together you mind is opened to innumerable possibilities.

I love our Heavenly Father's children, my brothers and sisters. We all have so much to offer each other and I know as we strive to gain the perspective of our Heavenly Father we will be able to see our potential and the potential of everyone around us. I love you all so much!

Sister Williams

             This is a family in the ward who speaks French! Bonjour!

 I get to see this every night!
 I couldn't stop smiling! On my way to my first area on the Transfer Train!

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