Thursday, August 6, 2015

You Have Arrived!

Dear Family and Friends,

This was a great week! It started off fantastic! On Tuesday we went on splits and we knew we needed to be in a specific place, but we didn't know where that was. So we said a prayer and the name Jennifer popped into Sister Mansell's mind and I remembered I had written that name down in my planner. We figured out it was a woman we had done service for the week before, but we couldn't remember exactly how to get there. We followed the spirit and needless to say He guided us there. So we tried her door and she wasn't home and we decided to tract the whole street. We headed up to the last house on the block after the whole street wasn't interested and we looked down at the doormat and it said, "You have Arrived." We were felling good! 

A man answered the door with his little girl and invited us in. His wife was sitting at the counter with a newborn baby. We watched Because of Him with them and got to talking. They were both Catholic and have had multiple LDS friends throughout their lives. They asked if I had ever watched the Shaytards on YouTube, they are an LDS family that makes video blogs of their life. I jumped with excitement because in my former life before I was a missionary I watched their videos all the time! We had a great conversation about our mission service, sacrament, and their beliefs--it was great! 

They didn't become new investigators that night but I knew we needed to be there. The spirit was so strong the entire time we were there. I want them to be able to partake in the blessings of having an eternal family and I know this was just one step closer for them to decide to take that path. 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Sister Williams

Our last companionship photo at the temple.
                       Our District! 

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