Monday, April 6, 2015

Modern Day Revelation

Dear Family and Friends,

What a special week this has been. We have had the opportunity to hear from God's chosen prophet and apostles this week and to receive revelation for ourselves and our families. It is such a blessing to me to know when I have a question I can turn the the source of all truth, my Heavenly Father, and he will answer. This week He answered me through His servants here on the Earth.

I went prepared with questions and topics of things I wanted to receive greater light and revelation about and every single session of conference answered all of the things I asked about. How great it is to know just how real our Heavenly Father is as he listens to our prayers and knows the questions we are going to ask even before we ask them and prepares the way for us to receive the answer. He is such an amazing Father, and he is our Father.

I loved how General Conference talked so much about the Atonement. Every single talk without fail spoke of the Atonement. My favorite talk though was by David A. Bednar and his talk on fear. It was so comforting to me to hear his talk as well as confirming to me that I am on the right path and that my Heavenly Father is proud of me and He wants me to continue on in fearing Him. When I had my first interview with my mission president he asked me what my fears were and I sat there for a moment before responding, "I don't have any," I said. And its true I don't. I fear my God and it is the source of my confidence, obedience, and witness that His son lives because I wasn't always able to have this answer.. It was only though me applying the Atonement to my life that I can say the only thing I fear is God. How glorious this Plan of Ultimate Happiness our Father has for us.
I love you all and if you weren't able to watch conference or don't know what I am talking about, I will leave a link to where you can watch all the talks given. Have a great week and ask yourself, what am I going to do differently because of the things I received from conference?   Link:

Sister Williams

It's my 20th Birthday today, April 6, 2015!  Happy Birthday to ME!!
 Mom and Dad sent me a birthday in a box care package with banners, hats, and horn blowers!!
 Last week I made Sister Woolsey a birthday cake--The Williams' family famous homemade from scratch chocolate buttermilk German Chocolate cake.  YUMMO!!
 Me, Sister Woolsey and Sister Elwess, an amazing member who texted mom.

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