Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Foretaste of Eternal Life

Dear Family and Friends, 

WOW!! This week has been so full of mighty miracles! I told you last week about Kenny, the man we met on the stairs. Well, we were able to meet with him twice this week and he is on date to get baptized on October 24! He has been truly prepared to receive the gospel and to accept the help of our Savior Jesus Christ to make the changes he needs. 

This past Sunday was fast Sunday and it was powerful. My testimony and conversion to fasting has grown so much through this experience. We were fasting that we would be able to find a family to teach. That night we had a lesson with Kebbeh, who is the wife of a recent convert, and not only did we meet with her, but some of her 9 children were there and we taught them too. Geraline (11) and Victoria (8) became new investigators and are excited to come to church on Sunday. They were soaking the gospel up like a sponge and had a great understanding of it. We invited them all to be baptized and the girls were so excited and accepted. Kebbeh is going to talk to Joseph, her husband, about it and he wants nothing more than for his family to join him in the gospel! They also have three teenage children who we invited to take the lessons so they will be new investigators next week! It was amazing to see the Lord at work! He needs this family and I'm honored to help them come to know this gospel is true and to help their family to be sealed in the temple.

We went to go see Fallah last night and he wasn't home, but we found a less active member and two new investigators! Josephine joined the church 9 years ago in Pennsylvania and hasn't been in contact with anyone from the church since moving here. She has a 12 year old son named Sean, who was going to get baptized back in Pennsylvania but then they moved. Her aunt Lucy had also moved here with them. We taught the Restoration and they understood it so well, the spirit was very strong and Sean is excited to get baptized and Lucy really wants to learn more! They are all coming to church this Sunday. 

There are so many other miracles that happened as well! I found out some of the people I was working with in Minot are getting baptized and going to get sealed next year, I've seen the power of the Book of Mormon in the life of Renee a less active we are helping get to the temple, I've seen the power of the Holy Ghost as I've been able to follow the spirit and to see how it makes such a difference in the learning of our recent converts. 

I'm truly so grateful for the opportunity to be so close to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. The time to be fully consecrated to the Lord is short and I cherish this time. It is precious to me and I'm grateful the Lord has given me this little taste of the fullness of joy which will be had in living an eternity in his presence. 

I love you all so much. 

Sister Williams

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