Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Reservation Sisters

Dear Family and Friends, 
WOW! This week has been a game changer full of miracles! Before I left Bismarck we met with Renee and we found out she had gotten her temple recommend!! She is going to go receive her own endowment and be sealed to her husband in a couple of weeks! And the day I left for my new area Breanna, our recent convert, went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead. It was so great to see how much progression that area in Bismarck had recently and I'm so excited for these people to partake of the blessings of the temple.

Now I'm in Mission, South Dakota on the Rosebud Indian Reservation training a new missionary and living in a trailer in the middle of an open field. Talk about game changer! It really is a testament to me that the gospel is being preached to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. Sister Richins is my new companion and she is amazing. She came prepared and pre-trained and we are excited to hit the road running! We are traveling missionaries striving to reach the people in these small surrounding towns. It will be exciting and definitely a lot of awesome stories will be coming your way-- so stay tuned!

We had a District Conference this past Sunday where all the Branches gathered together in Pierre, SD. It was great and the speakers were so in tune with the spirit. I love the people here and I can't wait to get closer to them all and to find those Heavenly Father has prepared to receive His Gospel. I can really feel these branches are a family and their hearts are truly knit together. I know this gospel is true and there is such great power in prayer!

Sister Williams

                Fallah at the temple! He is so happy!
                Renee Got her Temple Recommend!
     Goodbye sister Woolsey! My companion in Minot, North Dakota is going home!
finally saw Sister Curley after 13 months! We came out here together from the MTC 13 months ago!
 My new home --a trailer in an open field--This is the kitchen and study room.  We live in Rosebud on the Sioux Indian Reservation.
 This is the living room of our new trailer home. A lot of brown!
 This is our bedroom--a bit small but it at least has a bed to sleep in at night!
 And this is our lovely bathroom--actually, it is quite nice!

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