Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SERVICE: The Cure For All Life's Problems

Dear Family and Friends,
This has been a fantastic week and a warm week! It's basically been like spring here with temperatures in the low 40's. Never thought I would think 40 degree weather was warm, but that is what happens when you live in the arctic. It has been fun learning how to drive on a thin sheet of ice, but don't worry I am safe.
Well, this week we had a lot of success finding people to teach using "He is the Gift." We do some service at a local food pantry and we gave a He is the Gift pass along card to one of the people we volunteer with. She watched the video and the next week when we saw her she was curious how our beliefs differ and wanted to meet with us to talk about it! We have an appointment with her this week.
As a missionary along with the proselyting work we do, we also participate in various service activities. This week we had the opportunity to help a woman, Jamie, pack up her friends apartment. We had planned to be there for about an hour and a half thinking it would be plenty of time, but we were very surprised when we got there. Come to find out this poor woman has been working on cleaning/packing this apartment for the past 6 months. The woman living there was in an accident where she lost her short-term memory and other brain functions, which resulted in her becoming a hoarder. We ended up staying for most of the day and helping Jamie pack up the living room. We got to talking and learned all about her story. Her example of charity and service is amazing to me. We are going back this week to continue helping her. She is an amazing woman full of hope.
As we serve others with charity in our hearts the problems we may be facing work out and we are able to gain a more eternal perspective. I know the scripture in Mosiah 2:17 is true:
"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."
Let us all gain a bit more wisdom this holiday season as we serve our Heavenly Father by serving his children. I love you all!
Sister Williams

Sister Aiono and me together on Thanksgiving! We are cute!

Thanksgiving table set for the feast.

Our Thanksgiving feast at the Metallo's home, a senior couple in the mission.

 The whole district at the senior couple's House, the Metallos, for Thanksgiving =)
 Me and Sister Aiono, my new companion.  We are best friends already!

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