Friday, December 5, 2014

Photo Blog For This Week

Happy December to all!!

Transfers were the week of Thanksgiving for Makaela so she did not get a blog post off that week. This past week her companion was transferred and she received a new companion, Sister Aiono from Long Beach, California.  Makaela says they instantly hit it off and are best friends already.  Makaela will post a nice long post this coming week.  She did send some photos though, so I will post them for this week.
    She sends her love to all and wishes everyone a happy week.  Here are her most recent photos.
Keep on writing those letters to her and all missionaries in the field so they know we are thinking of them always.
              Mistletoe for all,  Troy

Our last photo together. Sister Rodriguez was transferred to Rapid City. I will miss my trainer for my first 2 months of my mission.  I learned so much from her!  Good luck!
 Sardines from Grandma and Grandpa =D yummy yummy.
 This is the view of the Red River from the bridge! The bridge connects North Dakota and
Minnesota. The river is the border between North Dakota and Minnesota.  Yes, that is snow that
I am standing in!  Not much yet, but more to come soon.
 I'm in two places at once! On the bridge that connects Fargo and Moorhead!

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