Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Power of Ancestors

Dear Family and Friends,
This has been a great week full of success! We found two new people to teach through He is the Gift and I'm excited to meet with them this week! We also went on exchanges this week and I went to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. There really are a ton of lakes there and I stood on the frozen lake. We did some service at this cool museum and I saw a three legged wolf and a two-headed calf!

Well, Saturday was my four month mark and I can't believe I've been on the mission that long already! It is going by super fast and I love every minute of it. We went Christmas caroling yesterday at a couple of rest homes and it was really fun. I love elderly people they're adorable and they were so happy to hear Christmas songs.

Mark, our recent convert, came caroling with us and it was great! He is doing really well and progressing in the gospel so quickly. He received the Aaronic Priesthood a couple weeks ago and we have been working on his family history so he can find names and take them to the temple. He is really excited about family history and it is so fun to see that joy in his eyes as his family tree grows larger and larger!

Speaking of family history we were teaching a lesson about it to the Romo Family. They are a couple who have recently come back to activity and we are teaching them English. We went over the familysearch.org website with them and they wanted to know how far back my tree went. To my surprise a branch of my family tree has gone back all the way to the 700's! It is amazing to know that these family members are anxiously waiting for me and my family to help them make covenants and is motivation to get moving on it!

I love you all so much and I hope you are all having a great Christmas season and have a fantastic Christmas this week!

Sister Williams

 This is our Christmas decorated front door! Our landlord is a super sweet older man named Gordon and he gave us a bunch of Christmas decorations!
 I got your packages!! Yippee! Christmas came early for me!
 Ha, Ha, Ha funny story. So we were walking and I totally slipped on this ice that was covered by snow! So I needed to take a picture and show you all! It was pretty funny and don't worry I didn't fall down. =D
 We were waiting at the church to exchange back and we played a giant game of tic tac toe!
 Me and Sister Lewis on exchanges! She is from Louisiana and she made me red beans and rice yummy! This Sister can cook! I love her!

I'm standing on a frozen lake! Its like I'm Elsa!
p.s. people are ice fishing in the background.
 Sister Aiono and me having a fun photo op!
  We went Christmas Caroling as a set of ward missionaries!
 An even funnier photo op......me in mid sentence!
 We went Christmas Caroling as a set of ward missionaries!

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