Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Hand of the Lord

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you all had a great Christmas, I know I did! It was so great to see and talk to my family and to meet my new little niece. I'm grateful for the love and support of my family. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for all of them.

Well, this week I've been so grateful to recognize the hand of the Lord in my life. I've been able to witness many miracles in my life and in the lives of others that have made it possible for the Lords work to continue in the way and time He needs it to. I love to set goals and make plans and I've learned many times over that I need to have the same plan as the Lord, otherwise it just won't work out. The Lord always makes sure his plan is fulfilled so we can either hop on board with His plan and have a fulness of joy or stumble around striving for something we think we want; when in reality it wasn't what we wanted at all.

Heavenly Father has a perfect plan and at its core and center is our Savior Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for the knowledge I have of this plan and for the ample opportunities the Lord gives me to deepen this understanding and to progress in the knowledge I obtain.

With the new year on the horizon I invite you all to set a goal for the year of 2016 to help you live a more Christ centered life. I'm excited to set a vision for who I want to become in 2016. I know it will be a big year for me and I know as I counsel with the Lord he will tell all things which I should do.

Sister Williams

President and Sister Hess made a mission Logo and gave us t-shirts! 
Opening Presents on Christmas Morning
Presents! =D Thank you so much!
My favorite present! Thank you Lexi! <3
The beautiful White Abyss!
More White is an abyss after all haha

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